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Smaller text Larger text. After descending 200 feet below the surface, you follow your guide on a mile-long downhill stroll, getting a memorable peek at life in the mine. A monument to Fryderyk Chopin, Poland's great Romantic composer, graces the park's rose garden. Travel with Rick on this video guide to Poland and find out what to do on your next trip. Back in the 1950s, Janusz Muniak was one of the original Polish hepcats. Birkenau (about 1.5 miles west of Oświęcim). Kasia: Let's go to a very special place. But Poland's been particularly hard hit through the ages. With Rick Steves. I find Polish culture and history both compelling and confusing. 13. It was here that families from all over Europe were torn apart forever. I'm Rick Steves. It's vast: nine levels…1000 feet deep…over a hundred miles of tunnels. It's a member of the European Union, its economy is thriving, and it's never been more fun to visit. After they were killed, everything of value was sorted and warehoused. Episode 310: Poland Rediscovered: Kraków, Auschwitz, and Warsaw. People were given hooks to hang their clothes on, conned into thinking they were coming back. If you're going to remember one Polish king, remember Kazimierz the Great, who ruled Poland from Kraków in the 14th century. Written and hosted by best-selling guidebook author Rick Steves, each half-hour show takes viewers to Europe's most interesting places, from great cities to off-the-beaten-path discoveries. With Rick Steves. Kraków, Poland. For centuries, generations of Wieliczka miners spent their daylight hours underground, rarely seeing the sun. Kaisa: Strong? keywords Art Industrialization Poland. With the expectation of help from Soviet tanks which were gathering just across the river, it seemed like the right time to attack. By 1944, as the Soviet Army drew near, it was becoming clear the Nazis' days in Warsaw were numbered. The charm of today's Kraków lies in its medieval roots. Copy failed. ...and experience the phoenix of Europe — Warsaw. Thanks for joining us. Today — whether you're looking for a fancy egg, some traditional embroidery, or a little amber — it's your one-stop souvenir-shopping arcade. Deep beneath the ground, the mine is filled with sculptures that miners have lovingly carved out of the salt. Wawel Hill is sacred ground to the Polish people — a symbol of Polish royalty and independence. The original church was destroyed by the first Tatar invasion in 1241, but all subsequent versions — including the current one — have been built on the same foundation. The neighborhood of Kazimierz — named for the king — was a thriving and autonomous Jewish community for centuries when most of the world's Jews lived here in Poland. The bricks are worn smooth by countless inmates who sat here to catch a little warmth in the middle of a bitter Polish winter. The Cloth Hall is still a functioning market — selling mostly souvenirs, including wood carvings, chess sets, jewelry (especially amber), painted boxes, and trinkets. Warsaw emerged as the dominant city in Poland and Kraków remained a provincial backwater of the Habsburg Empire, ruled from Vienna. If he pointed to the right, the prisoner marched — unknowingly — directly to the gas chamber. The highlight of the entire castle complex is the cathedral. Go 1,000 feet underground in the vast Wieliczka Salt Mine, near Kraków, to tour the inactive mine and see the statues and chapels the religious miners carved out of the black salt over the centuries. Halls are lined with photographs of victims, each marked with dates of arrival and dates of death — inmates rarely survived more than a couple of months. Proud miners carved figures of great Poles out of the salt. YEAR PRODUCED 2003. Rick: Oh my! Poland Rediscovered: Krakow, Auschwitz and Warsaw | KCET. 10. We start in Kraków — it's like the Boston of Poland: a charming and vital city buzzing with history, college students, and tourists. Rate. Several eateries on ulica Szeroka offer klezmer music, typically starting between 19:00 and 20:00. Art To me, the thriving city itself is the best memorial to those Warsaw heroes. Today it’s busy not with miners, but with tourists. So if all you want is the best of Poland, this compact Snapshot guide delivers everything you'll need to know — for about half the price and half the bulk. Wieliczka, a salt mine 10 miles southeast of Kraków, is beloved by Poles. Over a million people — the vast majority of them Jews — were systematically exterminated here at Auschwitz. Romania. Nineteenth-century houses — the few that survive — often sport colorful stripes. Reservations are required — whether visiting on your own or joining a guided tour. Rick: It hurt only once, that's for sure. Season 5 Episode 3 | 25m 4s | Video has closed captioning. Perhaps the best way to enjoy that is at a klezmer dinner concert. A visit to Germany's Black Forest and Cologne includes stops at a mineral spa and a casino. Collapse. Dzień dobry. As the smoke cleared and the Nazis retreated, the Red Army marched in and claimed the pile of rubble that was once Warsaw. FREE Shipping by Amazon . He was a great warrior, diplomat, patron of the arts, and womanizer. The Germans bombed the sprawling gassing and cremation facilities as they retreated. Rick: Na zdrowie. Kaisa: You can chase it. People were told they'd be starting new lives and to bring luggage — clearly labeled with their names. And nestled in the center of all this utilitarian concrete are plenty of urban charms. Crowds got you down? As Polish and Jewish culture mingled here for so many centuries, it's hard to distinguish between Jewish and Polish cuisine. You'll explore this unique gallery — learning both about the art and about medieval mining techniques — on a required tour. The remarkable Wieliczka Salt Mine — just outside of Kraków — has been producing salt for eight centuries. When built, in the 13th century, this was the biggest square in medieval Europe. Copy Copied! While the 1944 Warsaw Uprising is a recurring theme in virtually all Warsaw sightseeing, two sights in particular are worth a visit for anyone with a special interest: The Warsaw Uprising Monument (at plac Krasinskich) and the thorough, modern Warsaw Uprising Museum (inconveniently located a 10-minute tram ride west of the central train station — but well worth the trip for history buffs). Kazimierz was one of those larger-than-life medieval kings who left his mark on all fronts. The Jewish cemeteries of Kazimierz were defiled by the Germans, bulldozed by Nazi tanks. With Rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger Zimmer. In 1555, it burned down, and was replaced by the current building. As more Jewish people were moved in from the countryside, Warsaw's ghetto was soon the miserable home of well over a million people. To get away from the tourists' Kraków, bike or hike around the Planty and up the park that lines the Vistula River. All the full length Rick Steves Europe PBS Episodes that I could find. Episode 312: Lisbon and the Algarve. Rick Steves' Europe. Explore Poland! We are planning to have 2 nights at Krakow and 1 day trip to Auschwitz. The grand city of Warsaw experienced more than its share of hardships in the 20th century. 4.6 out of 5 stars 13. Poland is ready to be rediscovered as the old "east" transforms itself into the new heart of Europe. Rick: Yeah. Back in Kraków, cap your day in one of the town's many jazz clubs. Jump to bottom. Respectful tourists are welcome. We're having some traditional Polish dishes that go well with vodka: herring, cold cuts, Polish pickles, and steak tartare. see our FAQ. Take me as example, I’m 65 years old and I’m still fresh, still young. It was our warm-up. Breakfast was included and it was the most extensive, delicious food we ever had at a hotel. Ultimately less then 10 percent of Kraków's Jews survived the war and the death camps. In the teeming metropolis of Cairo, Rick climbs to the center of a pyramid, greets the ... Air Date 9/23/2020. Birkenau is on a much bigger scale and mostly outdoors, with the infamous guard tower, a vast field with ruins of barracks, a few tourable rough barracks, the notorious "dividing platform," a giant monument flanked by remains of destroyed crematoria, and a prisoner processing facility called "the Sauna.". Rate. Nearby, the imposing St. Mary's Church — with its soaring lookout tower — has long been an icon of the city. Rick Steves' Europe. 30. Please try again. Contact Info. He spent his last years in Paris, where he wrote most of his greatest music. Read more. My Account . Each inmate had an ID number, a barrack number, and a bed number. Rate. Krakow, with its bubbly Baroque and cobbled charm, is emerging as the exciting "next Prague." It's free to reserve, but spaces book up very early. Nearby, a visit to Auschwitz teaches a timeless, soul-searching lesson. They poured out of the sewers and caught the Nazis off-guard, initially having great success. Sevilla. The crematorium is marked by its chimney. It was built in the 18th century by Poland's very last king, King Poniatowski, who wanted it both for his own summer residence — his striking Palace on the Water — and as a place for his citizens to relax. $1.99. My Account. Like much of Poland, Kraków pulses with cool jazz nightly. The Nazis turned this army base into a death camp. Kraków emerged from World War II virtually unscathed — it slumbered under communism until Poland won its freedom in 1989. After descending 200 feet below the surface, you follow your guide on a mile-long downhill stroll, getting a memorable peek at life in the mine. It's Wawel, and Poland actually begins in Wawel. The Nazis arrived in 1939. 5. About a year later, the rest of the city staged another ill-fated uprising: the Warsaw Uprising. 2. Kraków grew wealthy from trade in the 12th century. Rate. Industrialization Every country's had its ups and downs. Rate. Once they saw these blue lines, village boys were welcome to come a courtin'. Then the inmates piled into the "shower room." By the 19th century, the city wall was no longer necessary. Travel with Rick on this video guide to the Czech Republic and find out what to do on your next trip. Wawel Cathedral is Poland's national church — its "Westminster Abbey." RICK STEVES EGYPT: YESTERDAY & TODAY sails beyond Europe, exploring the historic and cultural wonders of Egypt.
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