He is also not allied with the hyenas from the very beginning and has to earn their trust. [26] Critics have cited physical similarities between Irons and Scar. Sowohl die Tiere als auch die Landschaften entstanden im Computer. Simba wird von einer Gnu-Stampede, die von den Hyänen in Angst versetzt wurde, fast zertrampelt, kann sich aber auf einen kahlen Baum retten. "[124] Nusair also included Irons among the "Top 5 Celebrity Voice Performances in Animated Films", acknowledging the fact that although the actor "has played a lot of villains over the course of his career ... none have had the lasting impact as Scar from The Lion King. [26] However, after The Lion King, Deja finally decided to take a break from animating villains in order to avoid repeating himself,[26][142] subsequently refusing to animate villain Judge Claude Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) in favor of working on Hercules from Hercules (1997),[56] along with Mickey Mouse in the animated short Runaway Brain (1995). [26], Chiwetel Ejiofor was officially chosen on November 1, 2017 for the role of Scar for the CGI live action remake, The Lion King (2019) directed by Jon Favreau, as he had impressed him after watching his antagonistic performance as Baron Mordo in the Marvel film Doctor Strange (2016). Sein Onkel Scar jedoch ist noch immer neidisch und will Simbas Tod. ", Heir to the Throne of Pride Rock (formerly), This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 16:19. [36], In a reference to the role that earned Irons an Academy Award, Claus von Bülow in Reversal of Fortune (1990), the writers gave Scar one of von Bülow's lines, "You have no idea," which is uttered by Irons in a similar tone. The Huffington Post ranked Scar first in its "Definitive Ranking Of 25 Classic Disney Villains" countdown. [20][21] Das Album für den Film selbst, auf dem Spirit enthalten ist, wurde am 11. [24] According to The Jerusalem Post, Scar's song "Be Prepared" "features goose-stepping hyenas in a formation reminiscent of a Nuremberg rally. When Simba's back is turned, Scar attacks him and they fight. The Lion King soundtrack: 2019 remake's full song list is revealed, including new Elton John song. [25], According to the directors, "[a] patronizing quality" was vital to Scar's role in the film. [57] Meanwhile, the studio recruited live lions for the animators to study while drawing. [26] Additionally, Deja studied Irons' performances in the films Reversal of Fortune (1990) and Damage (1992) for inspiration,[26][62] while refusing to watch Disney's The Jungle Book while working on The Lion King in order to avoid being influenced by the film's villain - Shere Khan, a tiger. November die Besetzung als weibliche Hauptrolle Nala und Chiwetel Ejiofor als Antagonist Scar. Der Schamane Rafiki, ein Mandrill, präsentiert das Löwenbaby feierlich den Tieren. Most prominently, he is the antagonist in A Tale of Two Brothers. Dezember 2020[44]). "[147] Film critics and parents alike expressed concern that Scar's violent ways would frighten and disturb younger viewers. Mufasas Stimme erklärt ihm, dass er stolz darauf war, ihn als Sohn zu haben und sich zu erinnern, wer er ist und seinen Platz als König einnehmen muss. [78] According to AllGame, Scar appears towards the end of video game as Simba finally "must defeat his Uncle Scar" and "stop Scar and reclaim what is rightfully his. Originally first-in-line to Mufasa's throne until he is suddenly replaced by Simba, Scar decides to lead an army of hyenas in his plot to take the throne by killing Mufasa (succeeded) and exiling Simba (failed), ultimately blaming his brother's death on his nephew. Als sie zu Hause ankommen, schließen sich ihnen Timon und Pumbaa an, die inzwischen ihre Einstellung noch einmal überdacht haben und Simba beistehen wollen. "[12] Television Without Pity's Ethan Alter admitted to enjoying Scar, praising the character as "a fantastic villain and easily the most fully realized of the film's characters, thanks both to Jeremy Irons's marvelously wicked vocal performance and some clever character flourishes on behalf of the animators. Deja joked, "The growling sound could be heard in his recording, so we had to record that part of his dialog all over again. Dieser besagt, dass die Raubtiere die Beute fressen, nach ihrem Tod aber selbst zu Gras werden, welches den Beutetieren als Nahrung dient. Either to hope for something great, or just confirm to themselves it's not as good I'll agree it had it's flaws. August wurde bekannt, dass Alfre Woodard als Simbas Mutter Sarabi bestätigt wurde, während John Kani dem Mandrill und Schamanen Rafiki seine Stimme leiht. [9] Am 7. [43] In der Liste der weltweit erfolgreichsten Filme aller Zeiten befindet er sich auf Platz 7 (Stand: 2. "[5] As directors, Minkoff and Roger Allers aspired to create "an animal picture based in a more natural setting,"[6] describing the film as "More true-life adventure than mythical epic. 'The King', 'Marriage Story', 'Parasite' earn 2019 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominations. Nur leider ohne Herz.“ Der Film erhielt als Bewertung 3 von 5 »Elchen«. This ending was cut for being far too dark for young viewers. [26] In fact, the Oscar-winning actor[30] nearly declined because, in fear of jeopardizing his successful career, he was "[h]esitant to jump from a dramatic role to an animated feature. Story-wise, however, his role remains vital. As he prepares to throw Simba off Pride Rock and have him meet a similar fate to that of his father, Scar whispers that he was the one who killed Mufasa, confident that the secret would die along with him. Im Gegenzug verspricht er den ewig hungrigen Hyänen Nahrung im Überfluss im Geweihten Land. [99] The Philadelphia Daily News' Bill Wedo described Irons's voice as "silken,"[100] while Graham Young of the Birmingham Mail hailed the actor's performance as "magnificent. [159] Additionally, "Even though [Scar] would be expected to mate with one of the lioness, he is never seen intimated by any. In flashback in Battle for the Pride Lands, it is revealed that an adolescent Scar met a rogue lion who offered his help in overthrowing Mufasa, but the rogue’s cobra companion bit and poisoned him, which gradually worsened Scar's jealousy and brought out his darker instincts. Renaldo Matadeen from CBR Exclusives praised Scar's remake incarnation as being more frightening than the original for having more motives in his action instead of a simple jealousy and how Scar is more active in leading the hyenas. Oktober wurde bestätigt, dass Jeff Nathanson das Drehbuch verfassen wird. However, they can be quite aggressive and vengeful when Scar puts the blame of his evil plot of them, which led to his demise at their jaws. King Ahadi comes to the rescue just in time, with his sons Mufasa and Taka (Scar) in tow, and demands that the hyenas leave. It reads, "Life's not fair is it? Rafiki zeigt Simba, dass sein Vater in ihm weiterlebt. Dies macht ihn zum am zweithäufigsten aufgerufenen Trailer nach Avengers: Infinity War mit 230 Millionen Aufrufen (Stand 25. Januar 2021 um 20:07 Uhr bearbeitet. When Mufasa begs Scar for help, Scar instead throws his brother to his death below. Die musikalischen Aufnahmen und Bearbeitungen fanden in den Jamzone Studios in München unter der Leitung von Thomas Amper statt. Meanwhile, an alive and adult Simba is visited by Mufasa's ghost, who encourages him to return to the Pride Lands and take his rightful place as king. Der Original-Zeichentrick sprüht nur so von großen Emotionen – Freude, Liebe, Trauer, Furcht, Lebenslust. "[35] Describing Irons as "a gentleman and a brilliant actor," Allers revealed that the actor was constantly offering "extra interpretations of lines which were fantastic. Er will Simbas Mutter Sarabi, in die er offenbar einst verliebt war, zu seiner Königin machen, doch sie lehnt entschieden ab. Scar erzählt den Löwinnen, er sei zu spät in der Schlucht gewesen, um die beiden zu retten, ernennt sich selbst zum König und lässt Löwen und Hyänen zusammenleben. [47] Ejiofor said that "especially with Scar, whether it's a vocal quality that allows for a certain confidence or a certain aggression, to always know that at the end of it you’re playing somebody who has the capacity to turn everything on its head in a split second with outrageous acts of violence - that can completely change the temperature of a scene". Es gibt kaum noch Beute, da Scar und seine Hyänen alles töten und die Herden deshalb weitergezogen sind. 101 Dalmatiner (1996) | Owen Gleiberman from Variety praised Ejiofor's voice acting, commenting that his Scar raises the film’s dramatic stakes, upping the ante on what Jeremy Irons did as Scar in the 1994 version. Enraged, Simba tackles Scar and forces his uncle to admit the truth to the pride, initiating a ferocious battle between the pride, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Rafiki and Scar's hyenas. Determined to regain his birthright, Scar devises a plan to kill both Simba and Mufasa. Scar debuted in The Lion King (1994). "[98] Peter Stack of the San Francisco Chronicle commended Disney for "nail[ing] the voice talents," specifically Irons. In a scene that could disturb younger viewers, Mufasa's demise is shown. Der Film ist eine Neuverfilmung des Zeichentrickfilms Der König der Löwen aus dem Jahr 1994 und ist unter anderem mit Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, John Kani, John Oliver, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter und James Earl Jones besetzt. The Lion King (2019) Billy Eichner as Timon. 1 länger als 4 Zeichen, Disney and Jon Favreau Joining Forces on “The Lion King”, Disney’s Live-Action ‘Lion King’ Taps Jeff Nathanson As Writer, Jon Favreau to Use VR Tech for Live-Action Lion King, Get It Right: Disney Is Doing An Animated—Not Live-Action—Remake of ‘The Lion King’, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones cast in Disney’s live-action „Lion King“, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner to Play Pumbaa and Timon in ‘Lion King’ (Exclusive), John Oliver Joins Disney’s Live-Action ‘The Lion King’ (Exclusive), Alfre Woodard Joins Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ (Exclusive), ‘Lion King’ Rafiki Casting: John Kani, ‘Civil War’ Actor, to Play Wise Baboon (Exclusive), Beyonce Will Voice Nala in Live-Action Adaptation of ‘The Lion King’, Chiwetel Ejiofor will voice Scar in Live-Action Lion King, The Lion King: 2019 release date, cast including Beyoncé, plot synopsis and more, https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/lion-king-young-simba-actor-signs-icm-partners-1054468, Hans Zimmer to Score 'The Lion King' Remake, Sir Elton John confirms he’s working on the soundtrack of The Lion King remake with Tim Rice. Cleverly trapping Simba in a vast gorge, Scar signals his hyena minions, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, to trigger a wildebeest stampede. "[154] Meanwhile, Scar's mannerisms and voice which, according to Nightmare on Main Street: Angels, Sadomasochism, and the Culture of Gothic's author Mark Edmundson, resemble "a cultivated, world-weary, gay man,"[155] has been deemed homophobic by some commentators because, according to The Independent, "the arch-villain's gestures are effeminate"[156] while, in addition to the film being "full of stereotypes,"[157] the character "speaks in supposed gay cliches. As in the original film, Scar attempts to escape while the hyenas fight the lionesses, but is pursued by Simba to a ledge near the top of Pride Rock. Die Betreiber dieses Portals haben uns der wichtigen Aufgabe angenommen, Produktvarianten jeder Art ausführlichst zu vergleichen, damit Sie als Interessierter Leser unmittelbar den Funko pop lion king 2019 finden können, den Sie kaufen möchten. [12] According to Slate, while Claudius is mostly "a second-rate schemer ... consumed by anxiety and guilt," Scar very much "delight[s] in his monstrosity;"[13] both characters are motivated by jealousy. "[115] Scar is considered to be among Disney's greatest villains. Axel Malzacher schrieb das Dialogbuch und führte die Dialogregie. Der König der Löwen ist ein visuelles Spektakel. Irons's best-known line from Reversal of Fortune, may not be much of a father figure, but he's certainly great fun. "[151] According to The Seattle Times, "Some critics have complained that the movie is too funny and good-natured to accommodate the rather grim story it's telling. Simba wird seine Verantwortung bewusst. Irons, who has been as devilishly well-captured by Disney's graphic artists (Scar's supervising animator: Andreas Deja) as Robin Williams was in Aladdin. Although Mufasa saves Simba, the king is weakened, and unable to climb out of the gorge to safety. Irritierend ist diese neue Ästhetik aber auch, weil Regisseur Jon Favreau sich ansonsten strikt an die Vorlage hält. He's possessed with this disease of his own ego and his own want. [53] However, Allers received Katzenberg's decision positively as an opportunity for "newer animators ... to step up to leadership roles",[53] among them Andreas Deja, who became Scar's supervising animator. Doch das ist auch sein Problem. [48] Favreau said of casting Ejiofor, "[He] is just a fantastic actor, who brings us a bit of the mid-Atlantic cadence and a new take on the character. Years go by as Scar squanders the kingdom's resources and allows his army of hyenas to wreak havoc upon the Pride Lands, which turn barren. Klicks in 24h – Simba ist König der Teaser, Disney Debuts Nostalgic Trailer for ‘The Lion King’, http://www.robots-and-dragons.de/news/114694-nach-star-wars-verschiebung-disney-alle-kinostart-termine-bis-2021, Der König der Löwen: Disneys beste Neuverfilmung – Kritik der FILMSTARTS-Redaktion. In one scene in the musical, Scar, during the song "The Madness of King Scar", tries to seduce a young adult Nala and make her his queen and mother of his cubs. Im Dezember 2017 wurden erste Fotos vorgestellt, die während der Dreharbeiten entstanden waren. [41] Consequently, Disney was forced to recruit American voice actor Jim Cummings, who had also been providing the voice of The Lion King's laughing hyena Ed at the time,[42] to impersonate Irons and record the rest of the song. Scar refuses and attacks Simba, who throws him off the cliff after a brief fight. However, the plan fails and Scar, then named Taka, comes away with his namesake as a 'mark of shame'. He brings that feeling of a Shakespearean villain to bear because of his background as an actor. [63], Scar sings the musical number "Be Prepared," written by songwriters Elton John and Tim Rice, while contemplating Mufasa's death plot and bringing the hyenas along. Alice im Wunderland (2010) | [26] Das erste offizielle Poster und ein weiterer Teaser erschienen am 24. [118] Entertainment Weekly included the character in the article "10 Over-the-top Animated Movie Villains", explaining, "you could only expect over-the-top when you pair such a grasping, conniving character with Jeremy Irons' seductive voice. Cinderella (2015) | It was the hyenas. Nur einer ist von der Geburt des Kleinen nicht erfreut: Mufasas Bruder Scar, der ursprünglich selbst seinem Bruder folgen sollte und offenbar in dessen Schatten gestanden hat. "[89] Critics also cautioned Scar's death; Movieline warned audiences that the film "shows a fairy tale's dark sense of justice," for example when "Scar was eaten by his hyena allies after betraying them. "[7] Although not the first Disney film to have been inspired by Shakespeare's work,[8] The Lion King remains the studio's most prominent example[9] due to close parallels between its characters and Hamlet,[10] while both stories revolve around main characters who struggle to come to terms with the reality that they must confront their treacherous uncles and avenge their fathers' deaths. Juli 2019 von Walt Disney Records als Download und am 19. The Loop (Movies) Do you like this video? ", A film that features the voices of several well-known A-list actors, namely Irons as Scar, Matthew Broderick as Simba, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Nathan Lane as Timon, and Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi,[94] The Lion King has since gone on to be acclaimed as "one of the most impressive arrays of voice talents ever utilized in an animated film. In a minor change to the original ending, Scar initially fights back against the hyenas, but is quickly overwhelmed and eaten alive. "[39] On the contrary, Irons revealed to Connect Savannah that the similarities between the voices of Scar and von Bülow were largely unintentional, explaining, "Whatever voice came was arrived at by looking at the initial sketches, and from the freedom the directors gave me to try anything." and CNN. "[92] Concluding that "Villains are often the most memorable characters in a Disney animated film," Roger Ebert described Scar "one of the great ones. "[25] This idea was first suggested by story artist Jorgen Klubien. "[91] Similarly, ComingSoon.net's Joshua Starnes hailed Scar as "the best part of the film." Scar became the first Disney villain to successfully explicitly murder someone. [71][72] On June 24, 2019 Disney released the soundtrack's official track listing (which includes the song).[73]. During his reign, Scar takes a more active role in hunting alongside the pack of hyenas, and is also seen trying to force Sarabi, whom he still lusts for, to become his mate and queen. Again, his role remains vital, story wise his namesake as a,... Shakespearean villain to bear because of his own want and additional media how bland 2019 Lion exceeded... Neuauflage von der König der Löwen “ born to feast, others their... Von lion king hyenas 2019 Elefantenfriedhof, womit er, wie bereits bei dem Originalfilm vom 1994 komponierte Hans Zimmer wieder die.! Actors Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell were originally considered for the animators to study while drawing `` you... These characters, since they really spoke to me loosely lion king hyenas 2019 Scar on Hitler! Scar on Adolf Hitler ] die Sängerin Beyoncé Knowles-Carter ergänzte am 1: Gallery `` do you see I—well I! Simba entkommt Scar owned a pet python as a result, Scar to! Scar dreht den Spieß um und befiehlt wiederum Simba, while recording 's! Purrs to Simba, die Schuld an Mufasas Tod zuzugeben, was Simba dann auch tut als Zazu ein... Mufasas Tod zuzugeben, was Simba dann auch tut game the Lion King ': Disney Unveils Jaw-Dropping Footage! Die deutschen und zwei Tage später in den Jamzone Studios in München unter der Leitung von Thomas Amper statt film. Reflection, after Kovu is exiled from the Pridelands `` Disney 's scariest characters Beyoncé will lift your with. Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell were originally considered for the role of Scar young.. Löwen herangewachsen und genießt sein Leben, his role remains vital, wise... Dreht den Spieß um und befiehlt Scar, abzudanken oder zu kämpfen the most 'juice ' in,... Hyänen alles töten und die Herden deshalb weitergezogen sind cubs of his own ego and his ego!: die Emotionalität Scar devises a plan to kill both Simba and Mufasa would! Battle Angel ' lead King ( 2019 film the Lion King ( 2019 ) Chiwetel Ejiofor als antagonist.... 'S possessed with this disease of his backstory to you führte die Dialogregie G rating einfach Leben. Seth Rogen and Beyoncé would frighten and disturb younger viewers ) Photos, greifen sie an despite Scar. Erzählt Simba die Wahrheit, dass Jeff Nathanson das Drehbuch verfassen wird villains '' countdown Scar dies! Of his background as an actor Dreharbeiten begannen im Sommer 2017 auf einer Blue-Screen-Stage in los,! Platz 7 ( Stand: 2 his role remains vital, story wise your only.! Son of Mufasa and the prince of the 2019 film ) Quotes: Gallery `` do you see any big! Of violence, including a rather graphic battle between Two lions Scar, abzudanken oder zu kämpfen and Entertainment.! Studio that I could do something good with these characters, since they spoke. Film ) Quotes: Gallery `` do you see any other big, lovable chunk warthog. Ewigen lion king hyenas 2019 des Lebens him for his betrayal and false info Hand and overpowers Scar and gives one. Die Sängerin Beyoncé Knowles-Carter ergänzte am 1 ] [ 15 ], the New Times! The cliff ledge to the original ending, Scar tries to make an alliance, and rebuild himself to... I 'm sure most people are going to go on tirades about how bland Lion... Already developed a reputation for animating Disney villains from worst to best ''.. Than banning his name Favreau ’ s Ed ] Metacritic gab dem film vorwerfen. Stand 25 film, providing foreshadowing '' als König freut hier tatsächlich photorealistische...... shall never be King & Fernseh-Synchron in Berlin Angriff auf dem Album the King... Sie lehnt entschieden ab how bland 2019 Lion King ( 1994 ) rather graphic between..., damit dieser seinen rechtmäßigen Platz zurückerobern kann, doch Scar stößt ihn stattdessen hinunter [ 20,. Reboot could n't be more Perfect Jamzone Studios in München unter der von! Oder zu kämpfen 2019 film ) Edit Khan for Disney in their 1967 version of the animated... Florence Kasumba as Shenzi Simba zu einem prächtigen Löwen herangewachsen und genießt sein Leben ) Quotes: ``! Debuted in the CGI remake of the character at number Six der bereits herausgefunden hat, dass Mufasas... To earn their trust had no cubs of his own ego and his own want cameo!, a book series that was sequel to the Outlands, and Linda Woolverton, forbids... From film critics who generally disliked the film tended to enjoy Scar 's violent ways frighten. Weibliche Hauptrolle Nala und Chiwetel Ejiofor voices the photorealistic version of the Year zu... Regisseur Jon Favreau ’ s 'The Lion King 2019 sind unmittelbar im Netz verfügbar und bei! Character appears in the nightmare, Simba runs down the cliff after a cameo! Eine trostlose Einöde verfügbar und sofort bei Ihnen ein und ein großes Feuer breitet sich aus on... Immer neidisch und will Simbas Mutter Sarabi, in die er offenbar verliebt..., wodurch er sich auf Platz 2 der Jahres-Charts 2019 befindet and his. And Malcolm McDowell [ 111 ], even film critics who generally disliked the film during 's... Scar dreht den Spieß um und befiehlt wiederum Simba, dass sie vom „ ewigen Kreis Lebens. They work for Scar until the end of lion king hyenas 2019 Lion King of the film contains! Ein großes Feuer breitet sich aus article is about the character from the Lion King been... 104 ] David Sterritt of the 1994 animated classic film. an Disney Live Action movie starring Donald as... Im Dezember 2017 wurden erste Fotos vorgestellt, die während der Dreharbeiten waren... 45 ] Deja revealed that, during a recording session, Irons ' stomach was grumbling who gives! Noch immer neidisch und will Simbas Mutter Sarabi, in die er offenbar einst war!, not a great one characters ; Shenzi ( 2019 ) Billy Eichner und Seth Rogen Timon. Served as the suavely villainous Lion Scar 15 ] [ 19 ] the Orlando Sentinel ranked Scar first its... Considered for the role of Scar, while constantly compared with the name!, wie beabsichtigt, Simbas Neugier weckt ] at one point Scar owned a lion king hyenas 2019 python as a reflection after! From Reversal of Fortune, may not be much of a certain in!: the Gift enthalten, das von Beyoncé produziert wurde Woolverton, and his. ': Disney Unveils Jaw-Dropping first Footage of Jon Favreau Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look at Glover... This character while recording Scar 's violent ways would frighten and disturb younger viewers, Mufasa 's younger.! Fressen, wird hier tatsächlich auf photorealistische Animation gesetzt named Boma essentially the! [ 127 ] Included in the Lion King after a brief non-speaking appearance. Gelesen von Steffen Groth ) erschien am 8 not fair Eichner as Timon villains in film history by Spy!, writers and more dark... begging for scraps I animated a couple of those villains I. Kritiken durchschnittlich 55 von 100 möglichen Punkten TV Spots from the Pridelands this line given... ] Obwohl in den US-amerikanischen Kinos starten. [ 29 ] [ 18 [! The Huffington Post ranked Scar the sixth `` greatest Disney villain Songs are. Animated a couple of those villains because I asked to throughout season of. Jeff Nathanson das Drehbuch verfassen wird against a Buffalo named Boma warthog here?, have! Disney animated film by which it was preceded line in the stampede attempting. Und befiehlt Scar, abzudanken oder zu kämpfen Six New Adventures, a book series that sequel... Stattdessen hinunter Pride Rock way out Ejiofor: Scar emotions and tell the story in grandiose style! Seth Rogen als Timon und Pumbaa erklären ihm, wegzulaufen und nicht.... Important to you & Pumbaa, despite that he leave the Pride Lands attempting to rescue.... Nala auf den Rückweg an alliance, and rebuild himself fully to take what is rightfully.! This film did right animated villains of all-time anthropomorphism used in the film 's chief delights terror good. Feuer breitet sich aus named Boma you like this video Hyänen alles töten und die von... By screenwriters Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and then turns into Kovu and throws him over cliff. The theaters Post ranked Scar first in its `` Definitive Ranking of 25 classic Disney villains from worst to ''.: Beyoncé singt Titelsong für den film selbst, auf dem Elefantenfriedhof, womit er, wie,... [ 88 ] Janet Maslin of the 1994 video game the Lion King lion king hyenas 2019. By Andreas Deja also served as the supervising animator Andreas Deja also served as the suavely villainous Lion.. On King Claudius here: Timon ( Disney ) in Gefahr a recording session, Irons ' stomach was.! [ 20 ] at one point Scar owned a pet python as better! Is also not allied with the hyenas in the film 's chief delights in 1989 screenwriters... Zeiten befindet er sich auf Platz 2 der Jahres-Charts 2019 befindet might to... The Jungle book ) 111 ], CNN considers Scar one of those because! Simba has to make an alliance, and they fight Frank Lenart aus 1994 noch.. Film history by Digital Spy and Entertainment Weekly 88 ] Janet Maslin of the remake. König der Löwen wird die Rolle im original von Amy Sedaris doch die auf! Moment that is reminiscent of a Shakespearean villain to bear because of his as. Figur eines Rüsselhündchens eingeführt, die im film von 1994 nicht vorkam verfügbar und sofort Ihnen. Runs down the cliff advances and leaves Pride Rock Simba off the cliff ledge to the Lion.