biuro For the warehouse department we’ve chosen a wide range of well-known and trusted products. You can be confident that you’ll be getting the best quality and the best products. Our goal is to help you to maximize your efficiency by taking an individual approach to each of our clients and finding the best solutions. We’ve got a lot of experience and we just know how to find a proper production and warehouse equipment for you.

We can help you in finding an assortment like:
racks, metal furniture, forklifts, ladders, scaffoldings, lever devices, packing devices, cargo handling equipment, and many more.

Year after year we’re developing our company, expanding to new markets, and trying to get better in all aspects of our business. We know that we can’t stop for even a minute, as success criteria are incessantly changing, and we’re nonstop improving ourselves. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive solutions in modern storage and logistic operations. Thanks to our wide assortment we can fulfil all your expectations. You don’t have to waste your time by working with multiple companies – here you’ll find everything you need.

We can assist you during all stages of your logistic operations.


Our warehouse assortment consists of:



Transport within a warehouse

    - Trolleys

        - Trolleys with scales

            - Electric trolleys

                - Scissor jacks


Office, workshop and special furniture

    - Workshop and office furniture

        - Armchairs

            - Special furniture

                - Desk and desk accessories


Racks and warehouse equipment

    - Racks and shelves

        - Ladders and platforms

            - Lifts

                - Scales


Packing and shipping

    - Packing materials and equipment

        - Marking materials

            - Protective materials

                - Containers




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