Maintenance Department

dział utrzymania ruchu

Every production company should secure their continuity of the work. Production lines are meant to work without any stoppages and if there’s a machine failure, it should be fixed as quickly as possible.

However searching for replacement parts often takes long time and causes troubles, as it’s necessary to talk to numerous manufacturers and distributors.

Our company has 10 years of experience in providing the mentioned parts. On your request we can take care of searching for, ordering and delivering of all assortment needed to maintain your continuity of work.

As we have our developed supplier network and well-trained employees, we’re able to provide you with the requested products within very short time.


       Our offer consists of:



    - Complete machines and devices

        - Sensors, transducers, gauges

            - Drivers, control panels


Tools and accessories:

    - Specialist tools

        - Non-standard tools

            - Tool sets



    - Cleaning cloths (paper, cellulose, waste paper)

        - Oils and greases

            - Sub-assemblies


Replacement parts and accessories:

    - For industrial machines and devices

        - For non-standard devices

            - Additional equipment


Specialist devices:

    - Measuring devices and gauges

        - Machine handles and frames

            - Cutting and polishing tools




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