Administration, Health and Safety at Work

administracja, bhp, higiena Maintaining health and safety at work is an employer’s duty. Tidy workplace is positively affecting work efficiency. We’re offering a wide range of cleaning devices, accessories and products. In our catalogue you can find cleaning products suitable for use in offices and production facilities. Above that, we can provide health and safety at work products such as protective clothing and accessories, or fire safety products. Our supplier network consists of well-known and trusted manufacturers of cleaning, protective and fire safety products.


        Our assortment consists of:



Hygiene devices and materials:

    - Bins and soap dispensers

        - Towels, toilet paper, soap

            - Air fresheners


Household chemicals:

    - Liquid cleaners

        - Washing and cleaning substances

            - Construction chemicals


Industrial systems:

    - High pressure devices

        - Vacuum cleaner and vacuum sweepers

            - Extraction devices


Health and safety accessories:

    - Protective clothing

        - Fire-extinguishers and fire safety products

            - Fire safety and health and safety signs




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